Caput Mortuum by Tonesucker (2009)

Still from Caput Mortuum Still from Caput Mortuum Still from Caput Mortuum

Caput Mortuum is a movie I made to accompany a performance by Tonesucker. I asked six people to very quickly draw a skull. I made a number of composite images in which I lined up their drawings together with other depictions of skulls, including some photographs I made of an actual human skull, self-portraits as a death mask, and drawings from 19th century anatomical textbooks. The resulting movie was made by slowly animating dissolves between these various superimposed ideas of what a death's head looks like.

Tonesucker performed to this movie at The Foundary, London, 28 March 2009. The soundtrack to the movie on Vimeo was composed by Tonesucker and consists of material from the Foundary performance together with, towards the end, some drones made with one of my Arduino Noise Machines.

Caput Mortuum by Tonesucker from onoma research on Vimeo.